Drama is Not Fun it is Rewarding!

Drama Club

All the World is Our stage ….

The Drama club is open to any student interested in being in the spotlight, or running the spotlight.  We have 4 shows a year, two of which are open casting and 2 which are by audition.  Check out our 2017-2018 Season below:

The Christmas Play:


What happens when you cross Rudolph-the-Red-Nosed-Reindeer, Romeo and Juliet, and the Hottest Man Alive?  You get The Worst Christmas Play Ever, of course!  Enjoy this original Christmas comedy written by the FGRHS Drama Club.

Show Dates: December 14-16, 2017: 7:00pm

Performances in the MPR at FGRHS.  Tickets are $5.

Rehearsals:  After school from 3:30-6:00pm

How to be in the Show:  Open Casting- The Christmas Play is a “we-write-it-ourselves” production! So, if you want to be in the show, you are in!  We write an original script and make sure that everyone who wants a part has a part. Meetings to write the play begin October 30 after school and rehearsals will most likely begin November 14 or 15.

The Musical:


It is opening night of a new show …. and the leading actress is murdered! Sounds like it is “curtains” for the cast and crew unless Lt. Frank Cioffi of the Boston Police Department can solve the murder AND fix the show at the same time.

Show Dates:  April 12, 2018: 7:30pm

April 13, 2018: 7:30pm

April 14, 2018: 1:30pm & 7:30pm

April 15, 2018: 1:30pm

Performances at The Riverside Art Center, 76 North Huron, Ypsilanti.  Tickets are $5.

Rehearsals:  After school from 3:30-6:00pm

How to be in the show:  Audition- Audition workshops are January 9-11, 2018 from 3:30 to 5:00pm with auditions on Friday, January 12. In the workshops, you will learn the songs and the dance needed for the auditions. Rehearsals begin the following week.

The Dramalums Summer Production:

West Side Story or Newsies depending  on availability

Show Dates: August, 2018

Rehearsals:  Beginning July, 2018 Monday through Fridays 6:30-10pm

How to be in the Show:  Open Casting- All current FGRHS students as well as incoming Freshmen are eligible to be in the chorus.

What are the Dramalums?

We are a group of FGRHS Drama Club alumni who love to act and we come back every summer to do a show to help raise money for the program.  Alumni take the leads in the shows and underclassmen get a chance to act with and learn from these veterans.  It is a unique experience over an intensive 5 week rehearsal period, but the rewards are huge!

The Fall Play:

Title to be announced

Show Dates: October 25-28, 2018

Rehearsals: After school from 3:30-6:00pm

How to be in the Show: Audition- Auditions are Thursday, September 6 from 3:30-7pmish

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