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Latest Stadium Cleanup News

I’ve asked the University to order more regular brooms, and lots of plastic dustpans that will be easier to handle vs the heavier metal ones since we’re doing more sorting. We need to BROOM EACH ROW well to capture that crud. We are getting paid and need to do a good job, eh? #cleansweep
It seems that if the weather is warm, people drink a lot but don’t finish the pizza. Cooler temps have made for more eating and hot cups and fewer bottles to collect and haul. Upper level management from UM has been coming over to observe almost every week and said recycling rates have gone from 34% to 54% over all.  That’s a combined weekend result-our rate may be measured separately at some point. A pair from a UM film class, Jacob and Kevin, have come twice to video the last two cleanups and stayed for mass with us-they’re doing a documentary around everything that goes into football except the game. The  project will take another semester after which FGRHS will be able to receive footage.
Another Jacob from the Michigan Daily came on Oct 23 and wrote a nice article about us- we’ve got a long history of great sweeps!
We’re counting down with 1 cleanups to go-Sunday Nov 20 (and this cleanup will count for 2 service hours!).
Thank you to all of you who’ve carried the load! We really do need each one to share in this burden for the good of our families and kids at FGRHS.
I do look forward to seeing all of you!
Cindy Pressprich
Gerry Bonar



U of M Stadium Clean Up

2017 TBA


As a reminder it goes like this:
Park on the east side in a lot off Kipke Dr., near Crisler Arena and avoid the basketball coaches’ spots.

Stadium address:
1201 S Main St, Ann Arbor MI 48104

8:00 AM
Come up the stairs at Gate 1 Sign in under bleachers on east side of stadium at Section 1families list + student list
Pick up equipment at garage shed under Section 4– rakes, broom, garbage + recycle bags, dust pan, bag support ring; leaf blowers for concourses as needed
Clean assigned section as a family.   We now recycle any plastic

9:15-9:30 AM
Return equipment, get ready for Mass if you would like to stay

9:30-10:30 AM
50/50 Raffle, Mass on/under bleachers or Crisler Arena hallway per weather

10:30 AM
Refreshments: donuts, coffee, cider, juice, hot chocolate, etc

What to Bring:
Gloves and perhaps a plastic bag for when they’re dirty
Dress for weather, layers are helpful
Extra tools as desired, e.g. leaf blowers.
We have 19 provided by UM.
Cash for 50/50 raffle as desired                     

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