Faculty Spotlight: Michael Pettit

Father Gabriel Richard High School teachers are dedicated and caring and bring unique approaches and techniques to their classrooms. They all share the common mission to help form the next generation of Disciples of Christ and prepare our students for fruitful citizenship here and ultimately in heaven. Faculty Spotlights are an opportunity to learn a bit more about our outstanding faculty. This is the fifth spotlight in the series.

By Claire Abdou ’23

Education: Eastern Michigan University, B.A.

Teaches: French I, II, III, IV, AP French

Advises: The World Languages Club

A fairly recent addition to FGR’s staff, Monsieur Michael Pettit, is the French teacher at FGR and the advisor to the new World Languages Club. M. Pettit began teaching at FGR in 2020, and says that “now that I’m here, it is my dream job”. The ability to teach and practice his faith in a work environment is part of what makes it such an incredible place to work for him. In addition to being able to combine his work and faith life, M. Pettit also states that FGR’s supportive community contributes to its great work environment.

M. Pettit believes that as a teacher, his job is to support his students in any way that he can, but “help” can look different for everyone. He believes that ultimately, teachers should focus on trying to make their students “well-rounded” citizens.

M. Pettit’s passion for the French language began in high school when he was first exposed to French in class. However, his interest in teaching French arose after a student exchange trip, when he stayed with a French family for the summer. The trip to France allowed him to use what he had learned in school, and it made him fall in love with the language and develop an interest in sharing it with students.

In addition to teaching French at FGR, M. Pettit is also the head of the new World Languages Club. He was inspired to create the club by his love for foreign languages and cultures. He hopes that members can attain a more well-rounded view of language. Club members will get the opportunity to learn more about other cultures from around the world. M. Pettit hopes that the club will inspire others to travel and to see that there is “a lot of world out there”. The club will be getting to play a lot of games from other countries and get a chance to see why they are so popular in those countries.

Experiences and clubs like the World Languages Club complement what students are learning in the classroom to allow them to go beyond the curriculum and grow into well-rounded citizens of the world and Disciples of Christ.

Claire Abdou ’23 is a student at FGR and a member of our student team of writers. This is her first article.
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