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Academic Support Center

The Academic Support Center (formerly the Learning Resource Center or LRC) offers academic support for students who qualify for special education services.  We believe all students with the right support can reach their full potential.  All students are unique learners with strengths and areas of need.  All students also need to be prepared to be responsible men and women in their community.  A one-size-fits-all education is not an appropriate model for teaching students with differing gifts.  The ASC provides an environment that will assist all students to realize and meet their God given talents.

Students admitted to the ASC must submit documentation with FGR admission that includes:

  1. Professional diagnosis/psychometric testing
  2. History of accommodation and a copy of existing IEP, 504 Plan, or school’s Official Accommodation Plan

The ASC is an elective credit for qualifying students and will count toward graduation requirements.

Electives offered through the Academic Support Center:

  • Freshmen/Sophomore Skills (ASC I)
    Students in 9th and 10th grades with a 504 Plan/IEP/ or Official Accommodation Plan are eligible to take Freshmen/Sophomore Skills (ASC I) as an elective. In order to access this course, a student MUST have a diagnosed disability that negatively impacts their learning and requires accommodations for them to be successful.  This course focuses on the specific needs of 9th and 10th graders and the transition to high school.  Students will work on organizational strategies, study skills, and class work from any academic subject.  This is a year-long credit (Fall and Spring).
  • Mastery Skills (ASC II)
    Students in 11th and 12th grades with a 504 Plan/IEP/ or Official Accommodation Plan are eligible to take Mastery Skills (ASC II) as an elective.  This one or two-semester class is designed to support students’ academic success in core content classes. Students accepted into the Mastery Skills course have had a history of formal classroom accommodations and diagnosis for two years or more. This can be a ½ credit or year-long credit (Fall or Spring).

Academic Support Center Staff:

Mrs. Jaclyn Manor – (Instructional Leader, Director of ASC)
B.A. – The University of Toledo
M.A. – The University of Toledo
Phone: ext 262

Sr. Mary Fallon – (Academic Support Teacher)
B.A. – University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
M.A. – Eastern Michigan University
Phone: ext 211

Mrs. Antoinette Pucillo – (Para-educator)
B.A. – New York University
M.A. – New York University, Oxford University
Phone: ext 211

Mrs. Karen Rivard – (Para-educator)
B.S. – Michigan State University
M.A. – Michigan State University
Phone: ext 211

Special Services provided through the ASC:

  • Ann Arbor Public Schools teacher consultant develops the IEP Non-Public Service Plan for those that qualify and FGR maintains it.
  • Development and maintenance of an Official Academic Accommodation Plan
  • Read test/quizzes aloud
  • Provide quiet room for testing
  • Extended time for testing (time and a half)
  • Request accommodations on standardized tests: HSPT, ASPIRE, PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP Testing
  • Encourage use of assistive technology such as personal laptops, audio books online, apps, etc.
  • Provide copies of classroom notes and monitoring daily assignments
  • Assist in development of organizational skills and scheduling of classes
  • Services to be determined by testing results and teacher recommendations

Expectations of students in ASC:

  • Attend school regularly
  • Follow FGR code of conduct for students
  • Complete and submit tests and quizzes within time limits set by accommodation plan
  • Monitor grades and assignments by checking Plus Portals weekly
  • Parents of students in ASC:
  • Notify the ASC department of any diagnosed differences that may impair child’s learning
  • Be active in your child’s education by:
  • Monitoring grades on-line weekly
  • Check student planner regularly
  • Contact classroom teacher if questions arise
  • Provide supportive learning environment at home
  • Encourage your student to self-advocate in the educational process

The overarching goal of the

Academic Support Center at Fr. Gabriel Richard High School is to encourage our students to become optimistic learners, independent thinkers and most importantly, Disciples of Christ in the educational process.

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