Graduation Requirements

Students are required to complete a general college-prep program consisting of 26 course credits, including Theology, each semester. The requirements for graduation are:

English – 4 credits
Composition/Western Literature
Composition/American Literary Voices
Composition/Modern British Literature
Composition/Senior Literature Elective
Advanced Placement Literature

Fine Arts – 1 credit

World Language – 2 credits
Two years of instruction in the same language German, French, Spanish

Physical Education – 1 credit
Sports and Recreation
One season of interscholastic sports may count as partial PE requirement

Mathematics – 3 credits
Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II (3 credits) are required (students can take tests to bypass these classes). If students bypass classes they will take upper level classes to get to 3 math credits.

Science – 3 credits (Biology and either Chemistry or Physics are required)
Including one credit each physical and life sciences

Social Studies – 3 credits
Ancient and Modern Western Civilization
American History
American Government

Theology – 4 credits

Electives – 5 credits

Kairos retreat – 1 attendance

Christian Service – 48 Hours

Students must log 12 hours of service every year. Six hours must be corporal works of mercy (direct contact with the sick, elderly, or disabled) and the other six can be any general type of hours (filing, cleaning a church, vacation bible school, etc.).