Be Sure to Read the Submission Guidelines & Submit Your Hours to the Correct Person

Service hours are now submitted through Students may log in through their Naviance account or directly through

  • All students must submit their forms to the designated grade level teacher (see below), within 10 days of completion of service or by September 3rd for summer service.
  • Christian Service paper cards will no longer be necessary nor accepted.
  • Six (6) of the required 12 hours, must be completed by January 12th, 2018. The final deadline to turn in Christian Service hours is May 1st, 2018. Seniors who wish to apply for senior privileges and students applying for STUCCO positions must first have all hours approved by the committee. Students who have not completed their hours/forms by the deadline will receive an incomplete in their theology class. Following the established school protocol, students with an incomplete may be declared “academically ineligible”. This means they may not participate in any extracurricular activities (sports, drama, forensics, stuco, senior appreciation day, field trips) for up to two weeks. A review will be made after the hours are submitted, to reassess eligibility by the Christian Service Committee. A diploma may not be awarded to any senior who does not complete their service by the deadline.
  • Old forms will not be accepted.
  • All hours are reviewed by the Christian Service Committee.
  • Final determination of approved hours rest solely with the Christian Service Committee.

Service Hours Contacts for Each Grade:


Name: Mrs. Carter and Mrs. Duncan
Room: Room 201, 202
Phone ext: 253, 252


Name: Mrs. Mierzwa
Room: 208
Phone ext: 257


Name: Mr. Stalder
Room: L104
Phone ext: 244


Name: Sr. Elizabeth Ann
Room: Campus Ministry
Phone ext: 263

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