Make the Most of Your Experience and Get Involved!

There are many clubs & organizations for students to get involved in! If a club you are interested in does not exist, we encourage you to start it!

For Current Students and Parents- Each club & organization will also have a group page available in the PlusPortals system, with current events and news. Once logged in, click on “groups” at the top of the page. You will then have a drop-down list of all groups of which your are a member and groups that are public (visible to all Portal users). To become a member of a group seek out the club or group and ask to be added to the group member list.

Business Club
Mission: To learn about the world of business, and the different fields within. We do this in a variety of ways, such as participating in a stock market game which uses real world stock prices, listening to local men and women give their expertise about their personal career journey and information about their area of business, and touring nearby business schools to gain perspective as to some of the opportunities available for a business education.

For more information contact: Ms. Noble

Chess Club

Mission: The Chess Club provides a fun, enriching, and peaceful environment for students to play or learn to play chess. A tournament style bracket system is used and strategy and tactics are discussed and learned. The club meets every Thursday during lunch.

For more information contact: Mr Smail

Digital Media Club

Mission: The Digital Media Club exists to create a community of like-minded individuals who can share their love of digital arts. The club meets on Thursdays with the SSC to provide photography, cinematography, and graphic design to the various sports teams in support of their social media accounts and promotion. Club members are encouraged to work as a team in a positive environment.

For more information contact: Mr. Carl

Drama Club
At FGR, we believe in forming our students as whole persons; intellectually,  physically, and spiritually. Drama Club helps achieve this formation by providing students with an opportunity to develop and use their God-given talents; glorifying God through song and word; and by examining and analyzing music and drama as a means to enrich our lives and our faith while performing as Christians in a secular world.

For more information contact: Ms. K-M

Ecology Club
Mission: The FGR Ecology Club promotes environmental education and responsibility personally, and within the school community.  The club also encourages practices consistent with sustainable living, including but not limited to: conservation of resources, waste reduction and recycling, pollution prevention, and projects that may help the school reduce its environmental impact.

For more information contact: Ms. Norris

Forensics Team
Mission: Forensics is an individual public speaking and address performance event. A student team is organized along the same lines as a track team, wherein students prepare to compete in one of nine public address or dramatic events, winning points for their team during a tournament, and receiving individual as well as team awards at the close of each event, building up to a chance to compete at the state tournament. Academic team letters are awarded to the students who qualify by meeting set criteria.


Gamer Club

Mission: The Gamer Club meets on Fridays after school and is a fun way to relax, make friends, and get ready for the weekend. Players bring their own consoles and play E-rated games such as Ultimate, Mario Kart and Minecraft on Wii, Game Cube and Switch. Participation is on a drop-in basis.

For more information contact: Mr. McNally

Jazz Band

Mission: The Jazz Band is an opportunity for student-musicians to come together and use their talents to glorify God. The Jazz Band provides a creative outlet for students who wish to utilize their musical talents and learn more about Jazz music. The band meets after school one day a week and will perform at the Christmas and spring concerts each year.

For more information contact: Mr. Yule

Men’s Prayer Group
Mission: Pray together as men, and to talk about how things are going, especially in our walk with Jesus. We are committed to each doing 10 minutes of personal prayer every day and to doing at LEAST one act of charity or kindness at home (for our family especially). We also have snacks!

For more information contact: Dcn. Lawrence or Mr. Mackey

National Honor Society
Mission: Promote leadership, service and scholarship in the school and in the community. Join through invite/application only. 3.5 GPA, service projects, and tutoring hours required.

For more information contact: Señora Connors

FGR Pro-Life Club
Mission: To take up the cause of the unborn and to work and pray for the sanctity of all human life.

For more information contact: Ms. Brown

FGR Robotics – The “Byting Irish”
Mission: The Byting Irish is a FIRST Robotics team that provides students with the opportunity to build, wire, program, and drive a fully operational robot at regional FIRST competitions.  Students at all grade levels with interests that vary from engineering and programming to business and marketing are welcome to join. Visit:

For more information contact: Mr. Burns

Schola Club

Mission: The Schola Club strives to be of service to the Mass and the FGR community by coming together as a group of singers to present choral selections designed to bring peace and beauty to a prayerful Mass experience for one school Mass per month.

For more information contact: Mr. Landrum

Student Council
Mission: To actively live and promote the schools mission of forming Disciples of Christ. To plan, organize, and execute school and community events.

For more information contact: Mr. McCulloch or Ms. Skrent

Student Sportsmanship Council (SSC)
This club is by membership through an application process. While our whole FGR community is encourage to be part of building spirit and expected to display appropriate sportsmanship, members of this club work behind the scenes and on the front lines in order to achieve the following goals:

  1. Support, enhance, display and promote spirit and sportsmanship through a variety of activities to enhance our school culture and support all athletics teams.
  2. Identify specific characteristics associated with good sportsmanship and ensure students and community members comply with our expectations.
  3. Evaluate and update the sportsmanship plan for FGR.

For more information contact: Mr. Redmond

FGR Women’s Group
Mission: To come together as women to discuss our faith. We pray together and for each other. It’s a great time to grow through fellowship and sharing (snacks included)!
Meeting Times: Mondays at lunch in Campus Ministry Hallway

For more information contact: Miss Kitz and Sr. Elizabeth Ann

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