In the summer of 2015, responding to Bishop Boyea’s request for the Jubilee of Mercy, urging the Diocese to help lift up the people of Flint, FGR embarked upon adopting a neighborhood, establishing an ongoing weekly outreach to befriend and serve the people there.  We adopted two trailer parks and a Section 8 Housing development.  At first we went door-to-door with water.  Then we started taking orders for clothes and other supplies.  We also contracted with Panera to obtain leftovers which we deliver weekly to these people.  Besides making friends, we have also promoted discipleship of Jesus Christ.  With the grace of God we are looking for ways to expand this outreach and collaborate with other Catholic people of Flint. Our students who participate also earn Mercy Service Hours towards their service hours requirement, while uplifting others and being Christ to those in need.

Pope Francis said that we should “go out to the margins” with the love of Christ.

Pope Francis told us to let the poor preach the Gospel to us.

Pope Francis reminds us that even more than they need food, the poor need to know that they matter.

  Since we began this service:

We gave away nearly a hundred bicycles.

We provided two uniform pants and shirts to 75 boys and girls as the school year started.

We provided dozens of winter coats and boots.

We distribute diapers and cleaning supplies weekly.

One woman was baptized and is now a very active Catholic.

Other shut-ins were referred to local parishes – they now receive ministry from their parish.

We have made many friends; our students have learned about the merciful Heart of Christ.



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