150 Years of Catholic Education Excellence.

Father Gabriel Richard High School, a Catholic school community, exists to build up the Body of Christ through the intellectual and spiritual formation of its students. Rooted in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, FGR cultivates in each student a sense of awe in response to the beauty of truth. Strengthened by the Sacraments, students are equipped to live at the service of others through academic excellence, intentional discipleship, creativity and sportsmanship.

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Our History

Father Gabriel Richard (October 15, 1767 – September 13, 1832)

The history of the Catholic Church in Michigan in the early nineteenth century centers on Father Gabriel Richard. Born in Saintes, France in 1767, ordained at the Society of Saint-Sulpice in 1791, Fr. Richard was sent from France during the French Revolution and assigned to preach to Native Americans in southern Illinois. He transferred to Detroit in 1798 where he was placed in charge of all missions in Michigan and Wisconsin. Additionally, from 1802 to 1832, Fr. Richard was pastor of Ste. Anne’s Catholic Church, the first Catholic church established in Michigan (1701).

Always interested in education, Fr. Richard and the Rev. John Monteith, a Presbyterian minister, established, in 1817, a Detroit school called “Catholepistemiad of Michigania”, which in 1837 moved to Ann Arbor with the official name, “The University of Michigan”.

In addition to being one of the founders of the University of Michigan, Fr. Gabriel Richard had many other achievements including:

  • The first priest to serve in the U.S. Congress.
  • He gave Detroit its first library.
  • Brought the first printing press to Michigan and published many pamphlets.
  • Published Detroit’s first newspaper, The Observer.
  • Convinced Congress to provide the monies to build the first road from Detroit to Chicago (now known as Michigan Avenue).
  • Co-founded the Michigan Historical Society.

Ministering to the sick during a cholera epidemic, Fr. Richard died on September 13, 1832, the last victim of the disease.  His remains are entombed in a special chapel at Ste. Anne’s Parish in Detroit.

Father Gabriel Richard High School

Saint Thomas the Apostle

Father Gabriel Richard High School is a private, Roman Catholic high school in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It is located in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lansing.  The school is the part of the natural progression of Catholic Education that began with the establishment of St.Thomas the Apostle school which was established in 1868. By 1880 the original facilities had been outgrown and the school moved for the first time. In 1900 a vast new church was begun for the overgrown parish and was completed in 1905.

The parish and church were a vibrant part of Ann Arbor’s early history and in the early 1920s the old school building was torn down and a new enlarged building was constructed that remains to this day. The school survived World War I and grew throughout the Great Depression and in the post -World War II era. In the fall of 1977, St. Thomas High School split from the elementary school and was named Father Gabriel Richard Catholic High School. As the turn of the century approached, the original 1920s building became too small and obsolete, and in 2003, Father Gabriel Richard High School moved to a new campus adjacent to the beautiful pastoral grounds of Domino’s Farms. The original St. Thomas elementary school building was renovated and remains on its original spot and continues to operate independently of Father Gabriel Richard High School.

In 2008, Father Gabriel Richard High School was put on the Top 50 List of best Catholic high schools in the nation. As of October 2015, it has been placed on this list for seven consecutive years.

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