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A Fine Arts Program is born.

For nearly 30 years, the artistic component of the human person has been nourished, tended and cultivated at Father Gabriel Richard High School in a unique way. The tremendous talents of fine arts instructor Anne Kolaczkowski-Magee (Ms. K-M) has brought to life this great dimension of human life and has shown the heights of success and beauty to which it may attain. In 1989, the Performing Arts Program at Father Gabriel Richard High School began in very humble circumstances but has since grown and flourished over the years to become one of the premier programs in Southeast Michigan.

Drama takes center stage.

Nationally recognized, the Father Gabriel Richard High School Performing Arts Program produces an unprecedented four shows per year including a fall drama, original Christmas play and spring musical. To cap it off, our talented and committed alumni, in pursuit of continued performance opportunities, founded the Dramalums in 2004. Now in its 13th year, the group produces and performs a much anticipated musical every summer.

Let their voices be heard.

In addition to the school’s renown for onstage dramatic performances, Father Gabriel Richard High School’s vocal and instrumental program is second to none. Founded in 1989, the choir and orchestra program began as a grass roots effort which, over time, has blossomed into more than 100 participants strong. In addition to adding beauty to the all-school liturgies and devotional exercises, our musical performers also entertain at numerous community events. Drawing from an already rich talent pool, our musical department quickly gained notoriety when the Madrigals group was formed in 1997. This highly select ensemble features a range of musical styles which has garnered the group myriad awards since its formation, including six Golden Mickey awards at the Walt Disney World Choir Festival.


  • “Watching a story that is being played out by real human beings physically in the room with you (i.e., theatre), you achieve a level of identification with the people in that story and with their struggles that are impossible to achieve in any other medium. If recent times have taught us anything, I feel it is the crucial need to understand those who are different from us, where they come from, why they do what they do, and the common needs and desires we all share as human beings that unite us. Art is the great unifier of human experience, and as such is more necessary now than it has ever been.”

    Ryan Dooley
    Ryan Dooley Alumni ’08 Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from Indiana University
  • “The arts provide an extraordinary opportunity for self-expression. No two singers sound exactly the same. No two artists paint exactly the same. No two actors perform exactly the same. Through the arts, people can have experiences that they could not have otherwise. The arts can make people think about a subject in a different way. They can stir people’s emotions.”

    Joey Birchler
    Joey Birchler Alumni ’11 Musical Theater Program at Indiana University

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