Familiaris Consortio

Familiaris Consortio Lecture Series

The Familiaris Consortio Lecture Series is an outreach initiative by Father Gabriel Richard High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Its mission is to bring scholars and accomplished individuals to speak on a variety of issues that directly affect modern family life striving to contribute to the common good. It takes its name from the 1981 Apostolic Exhortation by Pope St. John Paul II which was the fruit of thirty years of philosophical reflection and practical experience on issues regarding the family.

Each spring, we gather together experts and scholars to discuss a topic of importance to Catholics and other Christians. Our 2024 Conference on March 2, entitled Male and Female He Created Them: Responding to Gender Dysphoria in Truth and Charity features John Bursch, author of Loving God’s Children: The Church and Gender Ideology, Dr. Paul Hruz, pediatric endocrinologist, and Rev. Sean Kilcawley, nationally recognized speaker on Theology of the Body, Human Love and pornography addiction. Ave Maria Radio’s Al Kresta returns as master of ceremonies.

Past Conference Topics



Averse to Adversity: Why Christians should pursue resiliance over avoidance

Featuring Dr. Kristin Collier, Dr. Tom Bishop, and Jennifer Thomm


Divided We Fail: How to regain unity among Catholics

Featuring Fr. John Riccardo, Fr. Charlie Fox, and Patrick Schloss, PhD


Strangers in a Strange Land: Catholics in Contemporary American Culture

Featuring Congressman Daniel Lipinski (D-Illinois), and Dr. Ralph Martin


Wisdom Begins in Wonder:
How Authentic Catholic Educators and Families Can Save the Culture

Featuring Congressman Mary Rice Hasson, Tom Maloney, Superintendent of Schools, Diocese of Lansing, and John M. DeJak, President, Father Gabriel Richard High School


Phoenix from the Ashes:
The Sex Abuse Crisis and the Future of the Catholic Church

Featuring Congressman Prof. Janet E. Smith, Sr. Elizabeth Ann O’Reilly, Theology Chair, Father Gabriel Richard High School, and Dr. Rusty Chavey


Life: Posted! Social Media and Its Impact on the Modern Family

Featuring Ashley Fernandes, MD, PhD, Fr. Todd Koeneigsknect, John M. DeJak, and Dr. Rusty Chavey, MD

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