Join Us in this Tradition!

FGR students and families have supported the school by cleaning Michigan Stadium after each home game since the 1970s. This has become a profitable fundraiser for the general operations of FGR and a great way to get to know other FGR families. It has become tradition for the FGR chaplain to offer Sunday Mass in the Big House once the cleaning is finished and many families enjoy this opportunity to worship with other FGR families immensely. Coffee and donuts are served after Mass. 

For many years, the expectation has been that each family contribute their time to Stadium Cleanup. A $1,000 fundraising fee was recently instituted as a means for families who are unable to participate in Stadium Cleanup to contribute financially to the school. Families who do participate in Stadium Cleanup “pay down” their fundraising fee total on a pro-rated basis. The fee is assessed in January after all Stadium Cleanups have occurred for the school year.

During the 2018 football season, students created this fun video to help others learn the Stadium Cleanup procedures.

FGR Keeping It Clean from Father Gabriel Richard HS on Vimeo.


Thank you for your service to FGR and our community!

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