Join Us in this Tradition!

FGR students and families provide stewardship to the school by cleaning Michigan Stadium after each home game. This has become a profitable fundraiser for the general operations of FGR and a great way to get to know other FGR families. See the 2019 schedule below and make plans to join us at The Big House!

***Watch this page for Stadium Cleanup News and Updates!***

Schedule 2019

Sunday, September 1

Sunday, September 8

Sunday, September 29

Sunday, October 6

Sunday, October 27

Sunday, November 17

Sunday, December 1

Spring Game, TBA

Stadium Clean-up How-to:

FGR Keeping It Clean from Father Gabriel Richard HS on Vimeo.

Stadium address:
1201 S Main St, Ann Arbor MI 48104

Schedule and Procedure

Park on the east side of the stadium in a lot off Kipke Dr., near Crisler Arena

Be sure to avoid the basketball coaches’ spots.

Stadium address: 1201 S Main St, Ann Arbor MI  48104

8:00 AM   Enter U of M Stadium by coming up the stairs at Gate 1

Sign in under bleachers on east side of the stadium at Section 1– There are two lists: families list & student list.

Pick up equipment at garage shed under Section 4– rakes, broom, garbage + recycle bags, dust pan, bag support ring; leaf blowers for concourses (outside the stadium only) as needed

Clean assigned section as a family.

U of M strives for zero waste.

Zero Waste at UM means some changes for Stadium Cleanup along with a 30% payment increase for FGRHS. We will be making two big sweeps and then only a small sweep for trash at Stadium Clean-up this season.

First Sweep:  Place all compost into CLEAR or GREEN bags

Second Sweep:  Recyclables are placed into BLUE bags

Note: DO NOT empty water bottles.*

Take these bags down to the bottom wall and/or recycling bags from the upper levels can still go out to the concourses.

Third (smaller) Sweep: Pick up remaining debris with a BLACK trash bag which should collect the odd stuff AND go out to the CONCOURSE level, not down to the wall as we’ve always done previously.

*Please study the compost and recycle posters linked here.  Note that it’s probably not exactly how you’d do these things at home or in your town–plastic looking straws, lids, cups are actually compostable, and ALL FOOD items are too.

9:30 – 10:00 AM      Return equipment and prepare for Mass if you plan to stay

10:30-11:00 AM      50/50 Raffle, Mass on/under bleachers or below Crisler in the Junge Center, off the parking lot under flag per weather (Father offers Mass when all teams are finished cleaning)

11:15 AM    Enjoy refreshments: donuts, coffee, cider, juice, hot chocolate, etc. and celebrate a job well done!

Bring:    Gloves and a plastic bag in which to carry them home – they will get dirty.

Extra tools as desired, e.g. leaf blowers.  We have 19 provided by UM.

Cash for 50/50 raffle as desired

Notes:     Dress for weather, layers are helpful. This is especially important as the weather turns colder.

U of M Administrators evaluate the quality of our job and approve our payment each time.

Prudence invites us to stay together in groups for the sake of safety and security- the same is true of rest rooms, as they are cleaned by an outside service.

We are not allowed on the playing field (or areas other than those assigned to us for cleaning.) 

Families and students each sign in separately but work on the same section together.  Please clean the section you are assigned to and then help other sections finish as needed.

Many hands make light work! Thank you for your service to FGR and our community!

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