Student Clubs & Organizations

For Current Students and Parents- Group Pages  are available in the PlusPortals System.

Once logged in, click on Groups at the top of the page. You will then have a dropdown list of all Groups of which your are a member and Groups that are public (visible to all Portal users). To become a member of a Group seek out the Club or Group and ask to be added to the Group Member list.

Student Council
Mission: To actively live and promote the schools mission of forming Disciples of Christ. To plan, organize, and execute school and community events. 

Faith In Action 

Mission: To promote student faith life! The mission of Faith In Action is to give opportunities to put our faith into action and to support in doing the same.

Ecology Club
Mission: The FGR Ecology Club promotes institutional and personal environmental responsibility within the school community.  The club also encourages practices consistent with sustainable living including but not limited to: conservation of resources, waste reduction and recycling, pollution prevention, and projects that may help the school reduce its environmental impact.

History Club
Mission: Join together in an interest of History. Discuss historical topics, watch movies, and reenact battles.

Chess Club
Mission: Promote the great strategy game of chess and friendly competition.

VO Klub
Mission: Originally for those thinking about becoming a priest; we’ve widened it to include those who think their faith is important. This club is for young me who want to grow in faith, by sharing our experiences together we get to know Jesus better and His guidance in our lives.

FGR Pro-Life Club
Mission: To take up the cause of the unborn and to work and pray for the sanctity of all human life.

Health Club
Mission: If you are interested in helping others or spreading awareness regarding important health issues then the health club is for you! We have just completed all of our October Breast Cancer awareness activities. If you liked what you saw and want to get involved or if you have any questions, would like to help volunteer for events or be involved in future health club activities see Ms. Yonko. Meetings will be held during lunch periods. Get involved, spread the news and help others in need!

Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Mission: This club is dedicated to seeing the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of athletes and coaches. Our Motto is “We Always Compete for An Audience of One.”

Drama Club
At FGRHS, we believe in forming our students in mind, body, and spirit. Drama Club is dedicated to this formation by: Providing students with an opportunity to develop and use their God-given talents. Glorifying God through song and word. Examining and analyzing music and drama as a means to enrich our lives and our faith. Performing as Christians in a secular world.

Computer Club: Computers, Robotics, and Graphic Design
Mission: To tinker with all things technology! From building computers, programming robots, or designing masterpieces on the computer. We meet every Thursday after school in the Media Center.

National Honor Society

Mission: Promote leadership, service and scholarship in the school and in the community. Join through invite/application only. 3.5 GPA, service projects, and tutoring hours required. See Frau King for more details.

Men’s Prayer Group
Mission: Pray together as men, and to talk about how things are going, especially in our walk with Jesus. We are committed to each doing 10 minutes of personal prayer every day and to doing at LEAST one act of charity or kindness at home (for our family especially). We also have snacks!

FGR Women’s Group
Mission: To come together as women to discuss our faith. We pray together and for each other. It’s a great time to grow through fellowship and sharing (snacks included)!
Meeting Times: Mondays at lunch in Campus Ministry Hallway

Forensics Team
Mission: Forensics is an individual public speaking and address performance event. A student team is organized along the same lines as a track team, wherein students prepare to compete in one of nine public address or dramatic events, winning points for their team during a tournament, and receiving individual as well as team awards at the close of each event, building up to a chance to compete at the state tournament. Academic team letters are awarded to the students who qualify by meeting set criteria.

Anime/Manga Club
Mission: The mission of this club is to foster an appreciation and interest in Japanese culture and language, specifically through Anime and Manga.

Smash Club
Mission: We are a club dedicated to fighting for the weak, for freedom, for justice, and for America itself. But actually we are a video gaming club. Specifically, a video game club that focuses on one game: Super Smash Bros. We meet every Friday in room 208 after school. Bring Gamecube controllers if you have them.