Student Well-Being is Our Priority!

FGR has partnered with Emmaus Health to create a Well-Being Committee, to provide education and clinical assistance as needed.  The mission of this committee is to collaborate with families to help their child grow physically, spiritually, intellectually and emotionally in an increasingly complex culture.

How does the Well-Being Committee work?

Our community (teachers, parents, coaches and students) would bring to the committee concerns pertaining to academic challenges, behavioral, mental, emotional and physical health of our students. The committee would then respond to these concerns.

CONFIDENTIALITY is very important. We want parents, students and other members of our community to be able to come to us to report concerns while keeping anonymity a top priority.

The committee meets once a month to review current issues, talk about trends, and collaborate on interventions needed.

Need to report a community health or safety concern? Use the anonymous form below. You may also email Ms. Brown, Ms. Powers, and Ms. Buckler directly by using the email

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