The Arts foster creativity in the individual expanding cognitive skills that leads to improved academic performance.

Students electing Fine Arts courses have the opportunity to develop lifelong communication skills while developing an appreciation of talent and culture. In our Catholic setting the arts create a complete student, giving an expressive voice to the individual in the service of God. In all art classes students will learn about famous religious art throughout history.

Courses for the Visual Arts Include:

  • Art I – Basic Foundation ½ Credit
  • Two-Dimensional Design ½ Credit
  • Advanced Art Two-Dimensional Design ½ Credit
  • Advanced Art – Three Dimensional Design ½ Credit
  • Advanced Studio Art ½ Credit
  • Advanced Placement Art – 2D Design 1 Credit
  • Glass ½ Credit
  • Introduction to Ceramics ½ Credit
  • Metalsmithing ½ Credit

Please see the Course List for more details like prerequisites.

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