Forensics Team Success!

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to our FGR Forensics Team! Our team capped of an already strong season with tremendous success!! This past Friday and Saturday, FGR sent 11 state qualifiers from our team to compete at the MIFA State Competition at EMU.  Eight of our team members went on to the semi-final round with 5 progressing to the final round. Of the 5 that made it to finals, ALL 5 finished in first place!  That is 5 State Champs!!

  • Grace Schoenle and Christen Schoenle – Duo
  • Grace Stier- Extemporaneous
  • Colleen Hammond – Impromptu
  • Patrick Mitchell- Oratory
  • Semi-finalist plaques were given to Reem Farjo (Oratory) and to Lauren Plant and Patricia Terhaar ( Duo)

In Sweeps ( the team competition) our team finished 4th overall winning a Sliver Plate.  All students competing at the State Competition contributed points to this award.

Special recognition to our 4 Senior team captains and the contributions they have made to this team: Hannah Lang (a Regional Champion and State qualifier) , Patrick Mitchell, Grace Schoenle and Grace Stier.  They are what a leader exemplifies in their dedication to the art of the “sport” and their continued selflessness towards their teammates .  They continually built up, encouraged and worked with our other students – in a way only a peer can do.  Their commitment to the team and to their own personal growth as a public speaker have been significant contributors to our success as a team. Additionally, a big thanks to Caitlin and Mike Stier for attending the State Competition and supporting our team.

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