Life: Posted! Social Media and Its Impact on the Modern Family

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Do our new technologies with the communicative abilities and conveniences they offer really provide a better quality of life for our families? Do our young people lack basic social and language skills and the ability to interact with their peers and adults in a mature and healthy way? Since the advent of social media there has been a spike in the rates of teenage depression; bullying; sexting; identity stealing; pornography distribution; cyber-crimes…the list goes on. When even tech guru and Apple founder, the late Steve Jobs, admitted that he severely limited his own children’s tech use, shouldn’t we sit up and take notice?

Please join us as FGR offers its inaugural Familiaris Consortio Lecture  at the Michigan League on Saturday, March 10, 2018, for a morning of discussion and seeking solutions to our current tech addiction.  Registration is now open!  Questions may be directed to the Advancement Office at 734.662.0496.

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