Twelve to Represent FGR Forensics at State Level

Twelve FGR Forensics teammates will compete at the Michigan Interscholastic Forensic Association (MIFA) state competition Friday and Saturday, April 26 and 27 at Oakland Community College – Auburn Hill Campus. The competition consists of twelve categories with our students competing in seven of the twelve.

Colleen Hammond ’18, who has her sights set on her third state championship, will present an Impromptu speech while Patricia Terhaar ’18 and Lauren Plant ’18 have teamed up to present in the Duo category. Their piece is taken from the popular children’s movie Kung Fu Panda.  Patricia and Lauren will be competing against FGR teammates Justin Donahue ’20 and Daniella Alvarez ’20 (with a piece from the animated film Hercules), whom they mentored this year.

Daniel Bischoff ’19 will present three poems by Mackelmore in the Poetry category while Dominic Schoenle ’20 will present a condensed version of the Calvin and Hobbes comic in the Prose category. Also presenting in the Poetry category is Lilia Oldenburg ’20 with several poems addressing interpersonal relationships.

Ignatius Ireeta ’20 will tackle a current event chosen that day in the Extemporaneous category. He will be given 30 minutes to research the topic and prepare remarks for a seven minute speech.

In the Storytelling category, Christen Schoenle ’18 and Piper Daleiden ’20 will present their interpretations of Horton Hears a Who and Zog, respectively. This category requires the piece to contain some lesson or moral which Christen and Piper must convey in their performance. Rounding out the team showing is Natalie Walter ’18 with her performance in Dramatic Interpretation.

Team advisor Elise Boratenski has nothing but praise for her team. “I have been so blown away by how self-motivated they are and how much they care about each other. They have put so much effort into helping each other,” she said. She notes that the spirit of generosity among the teammates is also modeled for them by alumni of the team who have come back to help mentor and support their former teammates. She notes two, Patrick Mitchell ’17 and Grace Schoenle ’17 who have both served as judges and mentors for FGR’s team. Mrs. Boratenski is also grateful for the support of two key parents, Kim Sarosi and Jane Vogel who, as mainstay supporters of the Forensics program for years, have given generously of their time to help this team achieve success.

Our prayers and best wishes for our Forensics team!

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