AP Students at FGR Outperform State and Global Benchmarks

Across all AP science classes offered at FGR, the percentage of students earning a 3 or higher – an indication of college-level competency in the subject – was higher than the state and global averages.

In Chemistry, 96.2% earned a 3 or higher on the exam as compared to 56.0% of students across the state. Environmental Science students outperformed other students in the state by nearly 30%, with 85.7% achieving college competency versus 57.1% statewide. Likewise, Physics and Biology students also outperformed the statewide percentages by significant margins.

Similarly, our English, U.S. History and French AP classes all out performed the state and global percentages by significant margins. For example, 80.6% of our AP Language & Composition students earned scores of 3 or higher as compared to 59.0% of students statewide and 100.0% of Father Gabriel Richard High School French students scored a 3 or higher, while only 78.6% of students statewide performed as well.

Father Gabriel Richard High School offers 16 AP courses across the disciplines, providing a wide variety of opportunities for students to challenge themselves academically and achieve college-level aptitude.

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