FGR Goes Virtual

The Covid-19 pandemic seemed to hit Michigan suddenly and with little warning, schools were required to close. As the situation changed rapidly, FGR administration responded and devised a plan for distance learning. Faculty and staff met on Friday, March 13 to prepare for what was then a three-week closure. FGR’s goal was to keep students engaged and learning while recognizing that time spent learning at home was not going to be the same as time in the classroom. Keeping in mind that FGR families would have unique and diverse home situations, we sought to balance schoolwork with home life. Another factor included in our plan was that many of our students had never experienced virtual learning before.

Teachers have prepared engaging lessons and found creative ways to keep students learning. Our choir students are preparing parts independently and sending recordings to their teacher, anticipating the time when they can once again sing together. Our AP course teachers are meeting via Zoom with their students and continuing to prepare for the AP exams which will now be taken from home this year. Our counselors are busy answering emails and preparing resources for our juniors to continue their college planning remotely and our physical education teacher has been providing a daily physical challenge for anyone in the FGR social media community. Father Lobert, our school chaplain, is finding ever-more creative ways to minister to families, including family prayer visits over Facetime.

Principal Christopher Dotson has encouraged families to take time together, especially during our rescheduled “Easter Break” to pray, rest, and just be with one another. Other tips that may prove helpful to families at this time include taking breaks from screens. Students are encouraged to read books, go for walks, or talk to family members rather than reach for the smartphone when taking a break from schoolwork. Also, students should plan their day to include time away from schoolwork. Schedule some time each day to do something creative or fun; work on a hobby, learn to cook, or play a board game. Finally, be sure to exercise and get some fresh air each day and take the time to have dinner as a family. Developing a routine of some semblance of normalcy during these unusual circumstances can help ground students and families. Our faith will also play a vital role in thriving during this time, and so let us continue to pray with fervent trust in our Lord’s divine mercy and protection.

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