Back to School

After an extended “pause” of in-person learning which began in mid-November, FGR students returned to school after Christmas break with great excitement to be back in school.

Chloe Kenyon ’21 shared that that in-person interactions with her teachers inspire her to do her work well and to stay motivated, while Anthony Krakowiak ’21 added that he finds it easier to concentrate when learning at school. Anthony explained that “when you go to school, you can shift your mindset by getting ready. You need to shower and put on nice clothes,” which can help establish the mental framework needed for the day. He also appreciates that school has fewer distractions, especially since cell phones are not permitted in the classrooms. Georgie Kalkofen ’22 related that she can focus well when she interacts with people who are physically present. She much prefers asking her teachers questions face to face instead of sending them emails.

The students appreciate being back in school for social reasons as well. Chloe stressed the benefit of seeing her friends face to face in the classroom, and Georgie added that she loves chatting with her friends in the hallway and outside at the end of the day. Both affirmed that FGR’s in-person education fosters growth in the context of a community.

In addition to the academic and social benefits, students have found that in-person school has had a beneficial impact on them spiritually. Cole Heiser ’22 shared that he appreciates being physically present for Mass, Morning Prayer, and prayer before class. Georgie agreed that she loves praying in-person with her classmates and teachers.

FGR has successfully provided socially-distanced, safe, and healthy learning spaces to facilitate a sense of normal routine, growth, development, and wellbeing in our students in the midst of this most unusual school year.

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