FGR Pilots Senior Capstones

This spring, Father Gabriel Richard High School premiered the newest element of its curriculum. All seniors were invited to apply for a place in the twenty-person cohort participating in FGR’s first “Senior Capstone” course. The culmination of the course, the capstone project, consisted of a 20-minute presentation at the end of the year in which seniors introduced a well-researched vision of a topic using knowledge they had integrated from a variety of classes and academic disciplines.  

To prepare for their presentations, students met individually on an ongoing basis with faculty mentors, paired according to their topics of interest. Final subjects varied greatly and included “Art, Architecture, Theology, and History of the Catholic Liturgies,” “FGR Forest Biodiversity: Past, Present, and Future,” and “The Fundamental Piece: Liberal Arts and Education.”  

Seniors presented their capstone projects to large audiences of students, faculty, staff, and family at the end of the semester, and their research was received favorably. One staff member commented, “we are so proud of the faculty mentors and students who piloted this new portion of the FGR curriculum. It was clear from the presentations that students poured hours of research and thought into their topics, and that they cared deeply about what they had learned.” 

Developing a love for learning and pursuing excellence are at the heart of an FGR education and these students demonstrated those two values powerfully through their presentations.  

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