Fight Like Heaven

On September 12, 2022, the following was sent to FGR community members regarding the Reproductive Freedom for All initiative on the November ballot.

Dear FGR Community,

Under the heroic leadership of Bishop Boyea, all parishioners throughout the Diocese of Lansing learned of the serious consequences of passing the Reproductive Freedom for All initiative now placed on the November ballot (Proposal 3). As Bishop Boyea notes:

“The Reproductive Freedom for All initiative is the most extreme abortion proposal this country has ever witnessed. Based on the wording of the proposed amendment, this initiative seeks to enshrine abortion up to, and including, the day of birth in our state constitution. It also seeks to eliminate dozens of Michigan laws that presently regulate abortion. These include parental consent and notification laws; laws that prohibit partial-birth abortion; informed medical consent laws; 24-hour waiting periods; taxpayer funded abortion; laws that require abortion facilities to be licensed and inspected by the State of Michigan; laws that prosecute anyone who injures or kills a woman during an abortion; and laws that protect the conscience rights of persons who refuse to participate in abortion such as doctors and nurses.

What is more, the scope of the Reproductive Freedom for All proposal is not limited to the issue of abortion. It will also likely prohibit parental consent rights if your child wishes to pursue – or is being pressured into pursuing – medical procedures or chemical treatments intended to change the outward appearance of his or her biological sex. These include puberty blocking drugs and cross-sex hormones. Such invasive treatments for children who are gender-confused can inflict irreversible physiological damage coupled with long-term psychological, emotional and spiritual damage upon an already vulnerable young person.”

As Catholics, it is our moral obligation to defend life from conception to natural death. Make no mistake, we are not battling against flesh and blood, we are in a spiritual battle (c.f. Eph 6:12) and spiritual battles must be fought with spiritual weapons, of which Bishop Boyea exhorts us to three: prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.

In following Bishop Boyea’s guidance, all are invited to meet in the FGR chapel 10 minutes after school has concluded to pray the Rosary beginning Thursday, September 15 and ending election day, November 8. Per his pastoral letter, “This will be 54-days of prayer, fasting and almsgiving in union with the Blessed Virgin Mary who is Queen of the Family, the mother of all mothers and the patroness of the unborn.”

In addition, the four high schools in the Diocese of Lansing are also hosting the Michigan Right to Life and Michigan Catholic Conference for election training sessions. The event at FGR will be held on Saturday, September 24 at 7:00 pm.

Whether you can join us for the Rosary after school or for the information session on September 24, please join us in storming heaven for God’s favor and mercy. When we look back on this time in history, let us be able to say we did our part in ensuring we leave our children a state and a country that respects every human life. Come Holy Spirit!

United in prayer,

Joe Jordano

Christopher Dotson

Fr. Ryan Riley

Click here to read Bishop Boyea’s letter.

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